Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Concept Art for The Rose. A Husk that infects you with a prick. More prone to taking root in those who worry over small things, it starts out as a minor skin irritation, but soon flakes turn to bumps turn to flaps of delicate skin that fold together in a bud-like formation. Eventually the bud blossoms, each petal composed of a layer of skin. Picking at the bud is painful as a thorny root has already taken hold deep in the bloodstream, tangling the nervous system, and soon infiltrating the heart and lungs, so that the infected slowly suffocates and grows weaker. The flowers themselves do not hurt unless tugged upon. The true agony comes from knowing that something is severely and unabashedly wrong with you and there's no hope of recovery.

I can't recall where I got the reference for the girl, sorry. >.< But I did use a loosely use a photo for her. I'd like to do a more complete picture for the sourcebook later as I really like this concept.

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